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Shamanic Energy Sessions

“Just as America was the first modern land where people could practice freedom of religion, perhaps someday America will be a place where we enjoy freedom from religion and discover true spirituality through the awakening of our higher brain functions.” 

                                                                                ― Alberto Villoldo, Illumination

What is a Shamanic Practitioner?
Shamanic practitioners work in the realms of the cosmic consciousness. The basic worldview is that there is the physical reality we inhabit, but also a vast invisible realm of spirit that we hold within our physical bodies (our souls, chakras, auric fields, etc.).  The energy contained within each person can become diminished through various traumas, illnesses, and life challenges. When these ailments happen it lessens the spiritual skin, chakras, etc., their vibrancy and vitality decrease, making the person vulnerable to further insults.

Shamanic practitioners call on spirits in those other realities to help their clients by restoring their spiritual power. That power comes from a “whole” soul, a balanced set of chakras, and the protection of compassionate spirits and power animals, which create a spiritual auric force field around us.

What is it shamanic work good for?
Shamans attend to the spiritual aspects of your physical, mental and emotional body, i.e. the disruption of spiritual energy. There are several types of spiritual illness. One is a loss of protection from helping spirits, which might manifest in issues like chronic misfortune,
recurrent colds, depression or anxiety. Another kind of spiritual illness is soul loss, in which some of a person's life force leaves— usually seen as a response to a severe trauma or addiction. People's spirits can also be harmed by intrusions—negative thoughts of their own or messages from other people. Whatever the type of spiritual illness, addressing it can help people feel less isolated, sick, guilty or generally miserable and allow them to open up to acceptance of themselves and the people in their lives. Basically, if you’re feeling off, funky or just dealing with an illness for quite some time without being able to shake it, a shamanic session can help.

What can I expect from a shamanic session?
Shamanic sessions start with a short intake to assess the issues at hand and create an action plan. This is a relaxed confidential conversation about the challenges you are facing in your life. Then an action plan is created which could involve a number of different types of sessions. Energy rebalancing (chakra clearing) is typically the first step to get you realigned and your energy flowing. From there dependent on your specific needs a variety of different modalities might be used shamanic journeying, soul re-contracting, spiritual counselling, etc. dependent on the specific and unique needs of the client.  Session usually are one hour in length, performed while clothed, and with minimal physical contact.


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